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87% of all customers first search online for products and services

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a sustainable effective way to get more visitors to your webshop and therefore also to generate more sales.

With Online ads in Google Ads, Facebook Ads you get faster traffic on your website or webshop and you can get more customers. Online marketing is the key to reaching your target audience faster these days.

seo optimalization

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Satisfied with the result? Let's grow together!

If you are satisfied, we can look further into how you can grow even more. For example with a larger Google or Facebook's ads budget or with other online marketing strategies. The advantage at Kiyozu is that we have a broad knowledge of SEO, Web design and SEA. There is always a way to grow even more.


We ensure that your website becomes more visible in the search results

SEO optimalisation

In this day and age it is certainly advisable to improve the SEO of your website. It is a more sustainable way to rank in the Google results. Since the corona crisis there has been a lot of competition from online start-ups in different industries. And online businesses will only grow more in the future. SEO optimization puts you ahead of the new competitors to come.

Converting Web Design

When designing the website, we immediately come up with a catchy so-called landing page (homepage). That is the first part that the visitors see and it should make an impact. All our websites are responsive. That means that your website looks and functions well on a computer, mobile and tablet. Older websites are often not responsive and therefore miss out on customers. We think about every detail in the customer journey.

Online advertising via Google Ads or Facebook Ads

Ads aimed at your target audience. When we create a website, webshop or advertisements, we first mainly research the target group of your company. We also conduct extensive competitor research. Everyone nowadays searches and buys everything online. With online advertising you also get more brand awareness. Because people can't buy anything if they don't know you exist! There are many people who search for something online but cannot find the product or service even though it exists. Online advertising is the solution for that.

User-friendly websites

The websites are made in WordPress, the most used CMS in the world. WordPress is very user-friendly. You can easily make simple changes and you don't have to wait for a web design agency to adjust it for you. Log in, create or change, publish and you're done. Easy and fast.

For starting entrepreneurs and advanced companies.

Our services are available for every type of business, for starting entrepreneurs and companies that are medium sized. We do a User Experience test on your current website so that we can optimize the customer experience for your website. Over the years, technology changes rapidly and many websites become outdated and therefore lose customers. Certain functions no longer work properly. The website does not work properly on mobile devices.

We ensure that your website looks professional and that the customer journey (the so-called customer journey on the website) is as short as possible, and therefore pleasant for the customer. People do not want to keep looking on a website for a product for long. They leave if they cannot find the product and look at the competitor!

Extensive target group research for your company

So that the website is designed with the right user needs from the target group. They wanted it; I want to book an appointment! I want designer clothes for price X. I want to read a blog that gives me information on how to lose weight quickly etc. With the busy competition of websites that are now emerging, it is important to be unique and to meet the wishes of searching customers . We conduct extensive market research so that the website or advertisement meets consumer demand!

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