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How web design affects SEO

A beautiful ultramodern website with many functions. But does that also ensure a better position in the search results?

Here are a few tips and an explanation of how web design influences SEO results:

  • A too busy or complex layout scares people away. If people have to search for too long where to click, they will already have left your website.
  • In addition, busy and complex websites are often slow . Some functions or effects (animations) are not needed at all. It could also be down to the hosting provider if your website is slow to load. You may have to take a more expensive plan or switch to a different provider. If you have a lot of visitors to your website, this is certainly worth it.
  • Pop-ups and advertisements can often scare people away. Especially if there are several and if they explicitly overcome you to buy something. It is best to place up to 3 ads if you, for example, use Google Adsense to generate income. In addition, the banners should not be too large. These ad scripts also slow down the website a bit.
  • Inconsistent font / text layout usage. Different opposing font styles or blocks of text with no blank lines or healthy gaps. Text that is too small can be tiring to read.
  • Boring design with hardly any use of color. Some websites do not have a corporate identity. A corporate identity ensures that there is balance and organization in the design. There are websites that just mix up all kinds of colors and also websites that are only black and white and have a mountain of text. A corporate identity is also important for future branding / brand building.

Good navigation, easy readability and web design that is in balance ensure that the right visitors come and stay.

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