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How to log in wordpress website

How do you log in to your own website? If your website is made in WordPress, or if you want to create your own website in wordpress, log into wordpress admin by writing / wp-admin behind your website. For example: Here you enter your username and password. It is useful to click on the box: Remember this data so that you do not have to log in again.

Can’t log into wordpress admin, help!

You may suddenly not be able to login to your WordPress website. This can have several causes. Often it is just that the combination of the username and password is incorrect. In that case, request a new password.

  • Your site url is wrong (a typo in the link e.g.
  • Has a plugin update been done recently? Then that might be a cause. Some plugins work against each other and can destroy your website. Try to remove it from the backend. Always make a backup before performing an update. One solution is to restore the old backup. Don’t have an old backup? then try removing the plugin from the FTP.
  • Sometimes there are too aggressive security plugins present, try removing them from your FTP and choose another one.
  • Have you recently changed from http to https? (secure website) then it may be that your permalinks are not set up properly yet. First try to log in via the http link and then adjust your permalink settings.

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