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These prices are guidelines, because these services are of course tailor-made and are different for every company. Some websites or web shops require more functions or content in their website than others. At SEO & SEA you have to deal with competition, the more competition the more complex and more time it takes to arrive at a good strategy. Larger web shops take more time than smaller ones. The prices shown below are ex. VAT. Please contact us for a clear, no-obligation quote!


Prices shown include competition research.

We don’t just build a website, but also develop the user experience. The more precisely you know what the wishes and needs of your target group are, the better and more successful your website will be. This is how we make your website unique and better than the competition.

Seo optimalisation

Online advertising via google or facebook ads

Prices shown include keyword and competition research. Display ads are advertisements with images of your product or service. We make separate graphics for this. They are also included in the price.

Small campaigns - Media budget € 500 - € 1500 per month
Medium campaigns - Media budget € 5000 - € 15000 per month
Large campaigns - Media budget € 5000 - € 15000 per month

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