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What is SEO?

What does SEO actually mean? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which means search engine optimization. It is one of the many online marketing strategies. If you have a website made, that website cannot be found by everyone. Yes, if you tell someone your own website link from, for example, network lines, then people can see your website. But that’s maybe 1 to 100 people per month viewing your website, (depending on how active you are with networking 😉

How does SEO work?

When you do SEO optimization on your website, you can organically get a lot of visitors to your website, more ‘warm leads’. 1 big factor of SEO is using the right keywords in your website texts, the content. This includes keyword research. SEO companies and specialists have special software tools for this.

There are 3 factors that ensure a better ranking in Google search results:


  • Writing text articles (What exactly are people looking for?)
  • Uses the right keyword strategy in the texts
  • Images or videos with alt texts

Technical SEO

  • the structure of your website
  • correct use of headers
  • user-friendly urls
  • fast loading time
  • use of an SSL certificate
  • use of site maps
  • good user experience
  • number of plugins and type of plugins
  • choice of hosting party / package regarding caching and speed
  • remove 404 pages (dead pages)
  • mixed http and https references
  • Authority
  • Link Building (Placing Backlinks)

It is said that the more links there are to your website, the better. That is not quite so. Each website also has an overview of “Domain Authority” a ranking factor. That is a number between 0 and 100. If you leave a link of your website on such a high-ranking website, Google thinks your website is also important and you can also rank higher. Link building is a profession in its own right and there is a strategy for that too. First, research must also be done, after which contact must be sought with the owner / content writer of the website. And sometimes an article has to be written or a comment for an article. Some agencies buy these backlinks. That is a faster and cheaper way. There are professionals who specifically only work on link building and those who have a network it goes faster.

When will I see results?

There is no fixed number for this, one website can be in the ranking of the first page within 3 weeks and with other websites it takes months to a year. If your website already has an existence and is already getting some traffic, it will go a little faster. A new website is a bit slower. The results can be seen in Google Analytics. You can also see what happens there.

SEO as a whole takes a lot of time, the research, writing, monitoring, keeping an eye on trends and developments. Technology moves so fast and Google regularly performs algorithm updates, which means that they set new rules every time a website has to meet to still remain high in the ranking. A good SEO strategy is important so that it will work well for the long term. It is also good to check after a few years whether the keywords that have been used are still relevant. Supply and demand with time, and so does the search in Google. Wondering if the SEO of your website is in order? Send us a message!

We can do an SEO audit without obligation to discuss the condition of your website 🙂

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